" In our experience, municipal government works best when a variety of perspectives and backgrounds come into play. Michelle understands the importance of bringing together multiple stakeholders. She’s a keen and tested negotiator who played a central role in winning last week’s ruling to reduce parking meter rates. She’s an active and responsive listener who works her heart out to deliver."   Mayors Phyllis Marchand, Bernie Miller, Cate Litvack and Michele Tuck-Ponder   Read More

"We support the election of Michelle Pirone Lambros to Princeton Council because she is the only candidate who reaches out to the business community and is actively working to address our needs and help solve the problems we face. She sees the importance of the business sector and has concrete ideas on how to solve the myriad issues we face today. With growing competition from big box and the internet, we must be more open and flexible to new ways to do business, and to diversify our retail offerings".  John Roberto, Jamie Herring, Bob Hillier, Tony Kanterakis, Ellen Kogan, Joy Chen...Read More

"Michelle’s education and entrepreneurial experience extend beyond the limits of Princeton. She brings not only her family and personal history of deep Princeton roots but also her broad experience in finding solutions within cultures as diverse as Florida, the Middle East, Washington, D.C., and Mexico.

It’s not enough to know Princeton. To solve intractable problems we will have to go beyond what we know to understand what we do not yet know, to find answers. Michelle is the best example I have seen of that kind of candidate."  Read More

 Mary Clurman, Harris Road

"Michelle’s formidable proposals, not least for providing community resources to Princeton’s most vulnerable families, reflect her bedrock Democratic values. So do her imaginative but entirely practicable solutions about supporting these proposals with partnerships between the municipality and the private sector. She combines a strong vision for the future with the kind of hard-won realism that makes change possible..."  Read More

Sean Wilentz, Professor of U.S. History, Princeton University.   

"She also understands land use and issues of neighborhood character, and is on the Zoning Board. She sees new opportunities to craft zoning variance agreements that better enhance both the project and the surrounding neighborhood. She also favors defining form-based neighborhood zoning that supports the individual character and specific features of each of the 12 or so neighborhood zones."  Read More

Kip Cherry, Dempsey Avenue

"The Council needs a new voice!! I support Michelle Pirone Lambros for Princeton Council because she sees Princeton’s potential for 21st century greatness. She has real plans for strategic partnerships between the municipality, the University, and the local economy. Princeton should be a crucible for innovation, and our town must work hand-in-hand with the other sectors to make change happen. She’s the only candidate who understands the importance of a strong local economy to offset property tax increases. Read More

Philip Haimm, Harris Road

"She is a current member of the Zoning Board, and I look forward to her continued ideas on how Princeton can meet its affordable housing obligations while maintaining the residential landscape. Princeton is a small town with a big history and Michelle knows that finding a real balance for these projects will be a huge challenge moving forward."  Read More

Debbie Bronfeld, Dodds Lane

"Finally, Michelle is my friend, and she’s a gem. She genuinely gets along with everyone. She’s kind, smart, warm, and funny. In 2021, the Council will renegotiate the town’s agreement with the University. We will need a savvy negotiator who brings warmth and good will to the task. Michelle’s skill set will complement that of the current members..."  Read More

Caroline Cleaves, Edgehill Street

"She was the only candidate paying attention and speaking to the hidden residents of Princeton, the working and undocumented Princetonians, whose day-to-day needs for basic services and decent living conditions are, for me, a higher priority than what can go into curbside composting. Michelle is a candidate with a impressive and nuanced understanding of the issues in our town, and she has the creative ideas and know how to actually make these changes happen.."  Read More

Patricia Soll, Linden Lane

"The town is changing. Issues and community hot topics are multiplying and the town is not the quaint little college town it used to be. With that said, Tim represents continuity and Michelle represents new ideas. .." Read More

John Bailey, Community Leader

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